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Thanks for a great 2014!

Celtic Knot Leaf Necklace
Celtic Knot Leaf Necklace
Celtic Knot Leaf Necklace

It’s fun to look back at where we came from once in a while. I started designing for 3D printing in the Summer of 2012. It took me several months to learn the 3D modeling software. Then it took me another several months to learn the limitations of 3D printing. A ton of my early designs were rejected by Shapeways as “unprintable”. Then some of my others that were printable just didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped. After about a year of learning and trial and error I was finally turning out some decent designs. It was during the summer of 2013 that I did a lot of my early designs. I only got serious about selling these designs in the Fall of 2013. I did good enough last Fall that I decided to stick with it in 2014. So 2014 has really only been my first full year of selling my designs. Thanks to all of you for making it a very fun and successful year! Here are some highlights from the year:

I plan to keep going in 2015 and I look forward to what the future brings.

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Celtic Necklaces Available at L&D 15

L&D 15

A few of our Celtic necklaces are featured in this new Davenport store.

L&D 15 Outside
L&D 15 Outside

A few Celtic necklaces from D&O Celtic Jewelry are for sale at L&D 15. This is a new store in Davenport that opened last month. The store is unique compared to other stores in this area. They feature things from local artists and crafters. They also carry national brands we don’t normally see here, such as Me&Ro. They selected a few of my necklaces to sell there. It was humbling to see my Celtic necklaces next to some of the great jewelry they have.

The two people behind L&D 15 are Lepeti Etu and David Balluff (L&D). They feature their own work there as well. Lepeti is best known for his hats. He comes from New York and has worked with world-class designers. He also designs clothing and jewelry. David does silk screening and art. He used to work at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. He also has a silk-screen business called General Assembly. They are both extremely talented.

Leaf Celtic Necklaces - Brass
Leaf Pendant – Brass

The space itself is still a work in process. It will be more than just a store. There is a mini coffee shop inside. There is also a workshop space for makers to work on their products. They are going to have a regular series called “Meet Your Maker”. Local makers will come and talk about what they do. This is a chance for customers to meet the designers. They can ask questions and see a demonstration. The store has furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, hats, household items and more. The store is at 520 W. 2nd Stret in Davenport.

I wish nothing but success for L&D 15. They bring a very unique resource to our city. I look forward to see if it leads to a larger project. I think some very cool collaborations could come out of this. You never know what might happen when you get so many creative people together.

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New Arrival: Leaf Pattern Celtic Knot Rings

Leaf Celtic Knot Rings
Leaf Celtic Knot Ring

I got a new shipment from Shapeways with a few new pieces. I’ll be sharing them over the next few days. The first is the leaf pattern Celtic knot rings. This one is a size 6.5 and is made from Shapeways’ raw brass material.

I’ve only gotten a handful of items in this material from them but it is becoming one of my favorites. It has a very high level of detail! It is also one of Shapeways’ most inexpensive materials, at least for their premium metals. It depends on the item, but sometimes the raw bronze and raw brass can be similar in price to their stainless steel material. This is ususally the case for smaller items (like rings!). The bronze and brass metals are much higher quality than their stainless steel, in my opinion.

A lot of people really want the shine that the polished materials have but I find that Shapeways’ raw materials have much better details and still have some sparkle. Some of the details get polished away in the polished versions. I think choosing between the raw brass and polished brass (or any of their raw materials versus their polished versions) is not as obvious as it may seem at first glance. The raw brass, raw bronze and raw silver materials have a lot to offer!

The inspiration for this particular ring was that I really wanted to do something with a Spring and nature theme. I kind of wanted to build on the Tree of Life theme I started. I also have another leaf design I’ll be sharing soon. Click here to purchase this ring in the shop.