Celtic Wedding Knot Ring


This is a Celtic wedding knot ring made from polished sterling silver. The front has a Celtic Wedding knot featured. Then there is a braid around the rest of the ring.

Please allow about 4 weeks to make and ship this ring.


Physical Details:

This is a Celtic wedding knot ring. The one shown in the photo is a size 12 made from polished sterling silver. It is available in all half sizes from size 5 to size 13. It is also available in many materials in addition to silver on request, such as brass and bronze.

About the Celtic Knot Wedding Band Symbol:

This is my take on a classic Celtic knot jewelry design. The front has a 3 loop wedding knot featured. The rest of the band design contains three interwoven threads to represent husband, wife and their union. The result is a simple but attractive Celtic knot. It makes a great gift for those getting married or renewing their vows.

There is also definitely a spiritual element to Celtic knot meanings, too. According to this article, “The knots and spirals with never-ending lines symbolize the Celts’ beliefs in eternal life and in humans’ complex relationship with the natural and the divine.” Another common theme among all Celtic knots is that they stand for virtues, such as wisdom, strength, love and honesty. These would definitely apply to this ring.

Additional information


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