Leaf Celtic Knot Ring


This is a Leaf Celtic Knot Ring. It has a 2 leaf pattern which repeats around the perimeter. This ones shown are both a size 6.5. The Leaf is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Listings are for brass and sterling silver. Other materials are available on request.

Please allow about 4 weeks to make and ship this ring.


This is a Celtic Knot ring with a leaf theme. The ones pictured are both size 6.5. It contains a series of leaf patterns interwoven around the outside. There are people who have used this as a wedding band.

Meaning: Leaf Celtic Knot Ring

The Leaf is a symbol that is used in many different ways by many different cultures.

In general, a green leaf represents renewal, hope, or rebirth. Sometimes it is also considered a symbol of fertility. A red or yellow leak would represent decay, aging or death. They are usually used for the former definition.

A Celtic Knot Ring and Celtic Knots in general normally represents spirit, or some basic essence. Celtic Knots do not have a beginning or end so they represent something eternal, like a circle sometimes does. Knots are just more intricate versions of this concept. They can represent a tie to ancestry, representing that you are part of something that came before you and will continue after you are gone.

Like the circle, Celtic Knot rings and for that matter rings in general can symbolize wholeness, or unity. It can also represent a cycle that ends up back where it started. The tie in with the leaf of course would be the cycle of the four seasons.

This page says this about circles and what they meant to Celtic people:

Circles were protective emblems to the Celtic mind. Circles were often drawn as protective boundaries, not to be crossed by enemy or evil. Circles were also Celtic symbols of the cosmos – noting in symbol the intangible procession of time.

To me personally this ring and also the Leaf Pendant both represent a spiritual renewal. When I got started in designing jewelry, I was going through a difficult time and I was doing a lot of soul searching. I came away from that time with a new outlook.

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Brass, Sterling Silver