Celtic Eternity Knot Ring, or Celtic Infinity Knot Ring


This is a Celtic knot infinity ring. It has 6 infinity symbols around the ring perimeter. Choose the material and size you want.

Allow about 3 weeks to make and ship this ring.


Celtic Eternity Knot Ring, or Celtic Infinity Knot Ring

This is a Celtic Eternity knot ring. It is also referred to as the Celtic Infinity Knot Ring. It features two strands woven into a series of 6 infinity symbols around the perimeter of the ring. This ring is available in bronze, brass, gold-plated brass and sterling silver. It is also available in all half-sizes from size 5 to size 13. This ring is popularly used as a wedding band for men. I was surprised by how robust this ring is when I wore it for a month. I was inspired to create this design when I had seen a similar pattern in a piece of artwork. The shape is a series of “figure 8” loops which is similar to the symbol for infinity. I had to take it from 2D to 3D. This ring has been featured on the front page of Shapeways, and it is my most popular ring. You may find a similar pattern engraved onto the surface of a solid ring. This ring is totally unique however in that the pattern is the ring.

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Sterling Silver, Polished Brass


Size 5, Size 5.5, Size 6, Size 6.5, Size 7, Size 7.5, Size 8, Size 8.5, Size 9, Size 9.5, Size 10, Size 10.5, Size 11, Size 11.5, Size 12, Size 12.5, Size 13