Triquetra Claddagh Necklace


This is a Claddagh triquetra necklace I designed where the crowned heart is being presented by hands. This pendant is made from brass and is 1.5 inches across. It is on an adjustable metal chain.

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Physical Details:

This is a Triquetra Claddagh Necklace. I designed this with Triquetra symbols presenting the crowned heart. This pendant is brass and is 1.5 inches across. It is on an adjustable metal chain.

About the Triquetra Claddagh Necklace Symbol:

The Claddagh symbol came from the Claddagh ring, which dates back to the 17th Century in Ireland. It originates from the fishing of Claddagh, just outside Galway, Ireland. The Claddagh symbol contains hands holding a heart adorned with a crown in most versions. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.

There are a couple interesting legends associated with the origin of the Claddagh ring. One credits silversmith Richard Joyce with creating it. According to Wikipedia, a goldsmith taught Richard Joyce how to make the Claddagh ring.

In addition, the Claddagh ring can serve all kinds of different purposes – as a promise ring, an engagement ring, or even a wedding ring, or just for decoration. It can represent the relationship status. It takes on different meanings depending on which hand it is worn, and in which direction it is pointing. How someone wears it can be an indicator of relationship status of the wearer. This necklace can only be worn one way. Wear it to show your Irish pride.