Mens Celtic Cross Necklace


This is a Mens Celtic cross necklace. The pendant is 38mm long and is made from bronze. It is 30mm long on a 18″ black leather chain.

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Physical Details:

This is a Mens Celtic Cross necklace. The pendant is on a 18″ leather cord. The pendant is 38mm long (1.5 inches) and is made from cast bronze. It has a matte finish which brings out the depth of the knot.

Meaning of the Mens Celtic Cross Necklace Symbol

Celtic Cross symbols go way back in history. The earliest and simplest Celtic cross is just a simple cross with a circle. However, this might have been a variation of the Sun cross, which goes back to an even earlier era. It is clear that pagans used the cross as a symbol, and that it was converted as Christianity began to be introduced into Ireland. Once it was made into more of a Christian symbol, the lines of the cross extended beyond the circle, and the bottom line was made longer than the other, making it a lot more like a Christian cross. Over time the crosses got a lot more complex and added the patterns and other Celtic knots. Another kind of Celtic cross that you see is the kind with Celtic knots and interwoven patterns on it. This one would be more like those. This kind of cross is frequently seen on gravestones, churches, or other religious sites. So this kind of cross definitely appeared after the conversion towards Christianity was well under way. There are several historic monuments which use this kind of cross, such as the Ardboe High Cross and the Monasterboice ruins. The Mens Celtic Cross Necklace makes a great gift!