Celtic Knot Dragonfly Necklace


ITEM CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER. ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Dragonfly Celtic Knot Necklace – 30mm across. This is a rhodium-plated brass pendant on a 18″ sterling silver chain.


Celtic Knot Dragonfly Necklace. It is 30mm across. This is a rhodium-plated brass pendant on a 18″ sterling silver chain.

Meaning of the Dragonfly Necklace

I was asked to design this necklace by someone last year. I had to learn more about this symbol.

This page says that it can be a symbol of change. There are a couple different ways it can mean this. First, dragonflies are often born in water, but emerge and live outside of water after birth. They also go through a larval stage before emerging as an adult dragonfly, similar to a butterfly. Second, the dragonfly is known for its’ quick movements and darting motions. It can move at a speed of 35 MPH or greater. The constant movement of the dragonfly can represent constant change.

Another prominent feature of the dragonfly are its’ compound eyes. Its’ eyes are its main sense organ. They can have 50,000 different lenses, and have a very wide field of vision. The eyes can symbolize awareness, or insight.

The dragonfly is an important symbol to Japan. This page has an extensive article about the Dragonfly as a symbol to Japan. There is a legend involving an early emperor that saw the shape of a dragonfly in the islands from above. The Japanese also viewed the dragonfly as a symbol of strength or courage, and used it on helmets, swords and arrow quivers. It can also be a symbol of fertility, since it inhabits the same land as rice paddies.

My favorite meaning related to the dragonfly are its’ iridescent wings and body. That means the wings and body can appear different colors from different angles, and in different levels of light. The changing colors can also represent a change, metamorphosis or personal or spiritual growth. This gives it a similar meaning to the Leaf Pendant of Leaf Celtic Knot Ring. Iridescence could also mean showing your true self to the world.

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Rhodium-plated, Nickel-plated steel, Sterling Silver, Black Steel


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