Motherhood Knot Earrings


These are Celtic Motherhood Knot Earrings made from gold-plated stainless steel. The design contains two interwoven knots to represent mother and child.

Please allow about 4 weeks to make and ship these earrings.

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Physical Details:

These are a pair of Celtic motherhood knot earrings. The charm is made from gold-plated stainless steel and it has a matte finish that brings the depth of the knot out. The charm is 20mm long and is on a metal hook.

About the Motherhood Knot Earrings Symbol:

This is my take on a classic Celtic knot jewelry design because I was not pleased with the other versions out there. The design contains two interwoven knots to represent mother and child. The result is a heart-shaped Celtic knot. It makes a great gift for mothers-to-be, any mom or even a grandmother.

There is also definitely a spiritual element to the meaning, too. According to this article, “The knots and spirals with never-ending lines symbolize the Celts’ beliefs in eternal life and in humans’ complex relationship with the natural and the divine.” Another common theme among all Celtic knots is that they stand for virtues, such as wisdom, strength, love and honesty. These would definitely apply to the motherhood knot errings.