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Review: Vintage Ombre Lace Earrings

Vintage Ombre Lace Earrings
Vintage Ombre Lace Earrings
Vintage Ombre Lace Earrings

This is the first review of others’ jewelry that I’m doing. It is a way for me to learn about other jewelry designs that I might be able to work into my own designs, and it’s also to get the word out about some great jewelry designers.

The first is this pair of Vintage Ombre Lace Earrings by Ann at Tarnished Royalty. I got this pair of earrings for my wife, because I was looking for something very different from the things she already has.

First I had to learn the answer to the question: what is Ombre Lace? It really refers to lace that has this gradient dye to it, from light to dark. I’ve seen it in different colors. It often refers to an entire spool of threa that has been dyed, bit it can also be dyed after it has been woven into a pattern. To make this one, I believe tea dye was used to dye the crochet lace.

The lace hangs from a pearl drop which to me gives a nice contrast to the lace. It gives it a combination of old (the dyed lace) and new (the pearl drop). This combination look of old and new can be seen in a lot of Tarnished Royalty pieces.

The earrings were priced very reasonably and even came packaged nicely. This particular earring is a bit long, but that kind of goes with the style. If the pearl drop were shorter, or just a pearl, then the length might be better. This is a minor thing and overall I really like the earrings, and I think my wife will like them.


Vintage Ombre Lace Earrings by Tarnished Royalty

Vintage crochet lace gets an ombre tea-dye treatment, hangs from a pearl drop, silver tone fishwire hook. Approx. 2 1/4 inches. $14