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Claddagh Rings and Necklaces: Coming soon!

Claddagh Ring With Triquetra Knots
Claddagh Ring With Triquetra Knots
Concept: Claddagh Ring With Triquetra Knots

As a deisgner of Celtic jewelry, I have long been a fan of Claddagh rings and necklaces. For a long time I put off designing my own version of the Claddagh ring because frankly there are so many kinds out there already. It was difficult for me to see what I could add or offer that had not already been done. But a few customers encouraged me to design a Claddagh symbol, so I decided to give it a shot.

I started out by looking at many different ones and I compared and contrasted them. I wanted to go for a simple and bold design, also featuring a Celtic knot, which is my signature. Someone on Facebook suggested I try a version where the crowned heart is bracketed by triquetra knots instead of hands. So I did a version of that, too. I also did a more traditional one where the crowned heart is being held by hands. The hands were by far the most difficult part of all of this to design, and they are also what I am most concerned about turning out correctly in the manufacturing process.

Right now I have ordered samples of these rings in size 7 in raw brass from Shapeways. The samples will be here in a few weeks. At that point I will examine them and see if I need to revise them at all. If no revisions are needed then these rings should be available for order sometime in June. If revisions are needed it could be slightly longer.

Claddagh Ring
Claddagh Ring Concept