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Celtic Necklaces Available at L&D 15

L&D 15

A few of our Celtic necklaces are featured in this new Davenport store.

L&D 15 Outside
L&D 15 Outside

A few Celtic necklaces from D&O Celtic Jewelry are for sale at L&D 15. This is a new store in Davenport that opened last month. The store is unique compared to other stores in this area. They feature things from local artists and crafters. They also carry national brands we don’t normally see here, such as Me&Ro. They selected a few of my necklaces to sell there. It was humbling to see my Celtic necklaces next to some of the great jewelry they have.

The two people behind L&D 15 are Lepeti Etu and David Balluff (L&D). They feature their own work there as well. Lepeti is best known for his hats. He comes from New York and has worked with world-class designers. He also designs clothing and jewelry. David does silk screening and art. He used to work at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. He also has a silk-screen business called General Assembly. They are both extremely talented.

Leaf Celtic Necklaces - Brass
Leaf Pendant – Brass

The space itself is still a work in process. It will be more than just a store. There is a mini coffee shop inside. There is also a workshop space for makers to work on their products. They are going to have a regular series called “Meet Your Maker”. Local makers will come and talk about what they do. This is a chance for customers to meet the designers. They can ask questions and see a demonstration. The store has furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, hats, household items and more. The store is at 520 W. 2nd Stret in Davenport.

I wish nothing but success for L&D 15. They bring a very unique resource to our city. I look forward to see if it leads to a larger project. I think some very cool collaborations could come out of this. You never know what might happen when you get so many creative people together.