Celtic Shamrock Necklace


This is a Celtic shamrock necklace The pendant is made from gold-plated stainless steel and is 1.25″ across. It is on a 16″ chain.

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Celtic Shamrock Necklace Meaning

The Celtic Shamrock necklace – wear the unofficial symbol of Ireland! This was my first attempt at making clover jewelry, or a Celtic knot clover.

The shamrock is so tied in with Ireland that it gets taken for granted. Few people stop any ask why it is an Irish symbol. According to the legend of St. Patrick, he used a clover or shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to people during his mission there. The symbol caught on and many people there adopted it. This is a good article explaining more about St. Patrick and the symbol of the shamrock.

There are four species of clovers considered “shamrocks”. The most common one is the Trifolium Dubium. You can read more about the different species of clover here.

The shamrock is also a symbol of abundance or fertility. At one time farmers fed to livestock.

People associate four leaf clovers with good luck, but a lot of people say that has happened only recently. Roughly only 1 in 10,000 clovers has 4 leafs. If you find one it is lucky indeed!

Another myth people associate with shamrocks is the myth about Leprechauns. According to that myth, if you capture a Leprechaun, he may cast a spell on you. The only way to break the spell is with a shamrock.

The clover or Shamrock is one of several symbols that represent triads or the Holy Trinity. The others are the Triquetra (or Trinity) symbol, and the other is the Triskele symbol.

The Celtic Shamrock necklace is a perfect way to show others you are Irish.

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Sterling Silver, Gold-plated steel


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